Friday, 26 February 2010

The Baby Gods Giveth and the Baby Gods Taketh Away

Most mothers know about the horrid Sleep Gods. The ones that sit around waiting for a mother to brag that her baby slept 8 hours straight for the first time ever and then swoop in and whisper to your baby in her crib that it is her duty to keep these parent people on their toes by waking up every 3 hours screaming just when they’ve tasted the sweetness of over 6 hours of consecutive sleep.

But I also found out that there are Spit-up Gods and Teething Gods (not to be confused with the Tooth Fairy who I hear is actually pretty nice). As soon as I posted about Eloise finally getting over her penchant for milk regurgitations multiple times a day, I spent the next 12 hours with warm sour milk falling out of my baby’s mouth (almost always onto me I might add). And in the 7 month letter to Eloise where I mentioned that she did not yet have teeth and that I was very happy to keep that milestone at bay for the time being she cut her first tooth LATER THAT DAY. So apparently Spit-up God and Teething God are fans of my blog.

Happily biting on her tongue days before the tooth appeared

And when I saw that tooth? I hugged her close to me, told her how proud I was and then burst into tears. It’s just too fast.

So now that I’m nursing a toothed baby, can someone please tell me how I get her to stop using my nipple as a teething ring? At the moment I just take her off the breast (while yelling in pain of course) and tell her no. Then she smiles at me. And you just know Teething God taught her that one.


  1. Oh those damn 'mommy gods' I have referenced this in so many of my posts it is not funny! Lately though I have smartened up... I used to say things like-- my kids have been healthy-- but not anymore!! Mums the word.

  2. Oh man, Annika was a puker too! For awhile there, she wore a bib everyday to catch all the spit-up and save her outfits! She would even get a rash under her chin from her shirt always being wet from spit-up! So gross. Aren't you glad I shared? ;)

  3. Thank you for commenting!
    To make it short, I'm a student at the university here in Tampere, I have two kids and a wonderful husband, I spent all my childhood in Austria and miss my other 'home-country' ever since. And believe me you aren't really missing out on anything by not being able to read my blog, it's mostly me sharing too intimate details about the state of my love muscles after birth, or me bragging about my kids, or me telling about the ppd I had after giving birth to Leea six and a half years ago (it lasted for a few years actually and was paired with being in a very bad relationship, so every day now I just wake up feeling so lucky to have left all that behind me), and basically I'm writing about all these things over and over again, so the pictures are probably the only interesting content of my blog anyway :D..

    I feel you with the teething, Luula is just evil when it comes to biting, if I dare to let my eyes wander away from her's when she's eating, or talk to someone else while she is attached to my boob, she'll immediately chomp her two tiny ones into my nipple. On purpose! I try to convince myself that it's a sign of her being super-intelligent, but of course in reality she just wants my attention ALL THE TIME.
    Hopefully Eloise and Luula will neither cut their upper teeth as well while they're still breastfeeding...

  4. you are pretty nice. in our house, those gods are called demons...