Thursday, 25 February 2010

I guess this means I'm officially a Mommy Blogger

There is a 4 and a half year age gap between my sister and me. I always thought a 4 year age gap between kids seemed like a good idea. A 4 year old is out of diapers, able to help out in their own little way, and can at the very least sit still long enough for you to explain that they’re going to be a big brother/sister.

Then we had Eloise. Within a week I told the Frenchman that I didn’t think I could wait 4 years for another one. He agreed.

Too cute. Must. Make. MORE.

So we said, well, lets wait and see what kind of a 2 year old Eloise is and maybe go for a second kid.

Sarah at wrote a post about how she only needed 6 months to decide that she was ready to try and make another baby. When I read that, I thought well, to each their own and all but that’s cuhrazy talk.

Then Eloise started growing up. It was a small moment. She waved her hand at me. Very slowly and deliberately and I realized that sooner than I would like she would no longer be a baby but a full blown kid. And I am just not ready to live my life without a baby in it.

Now I still need to get The Frenchman on board with the idea of keeping our lives filled with dirty nappies and 3am wake-ups at a continual pace, but reading Sarah’s post was comforting to know that I was not alone in the desire to have more babies sooner rather than later.

But I don't want to share you Mama!

Sarah’s adorable daughter Charlotte is only a couple days younger than Eloise so I have been able to relate to a lot of her posts - we both certainly did our fair share of complaining about the havoc our bodies were putting us through while pregnant.

She has an awesome blog. Killer design. Jealous inducing photos. Great writing.

She is doing a wonderful thing at the moment - encouraging literacy and urging parents to read to/with their children from a young age. This includes giving away children’s books – so get on over there and try and start or increase your children’s book collection.

She also has happened to do a feature on little ole me. I know! Her blog is like super famous now and I’m on it! Check out my interview here.

If you’ve just found my little corner of the intermaweb from Sarah’s site – Hi! If I could I would give you an awkward* fist bump and a big old goofy smile for stopping by.

*not because it is awkward "meeting" new people (yay new people!) but because I'm just not sure I can pull off the fist bump without looking like I'm trying too hard. The big goofy smile I have no problem with.


  1. Me and my older Brother are barely 15 months apart and in the terms of Forrest Gump "We was like pees and carrots" even now I consider him to be one of my best friends. The oldest of my younger sisters is 8 years younger than me. 8 years!
    My son will be 4 when his sibling enters our lives. I'm okay with that :0)
    Good luck getting the French Man on board. A pro to having kids close in age...They potty train at the same time! (most times)

  2. My recommendation- why not. I love the idea of a house full of kids. It just seems warm and crazy. Granted, I am not a parent, so I can live in a fantasy world where my nights are quiet and at my disposal. Hmm, maybe, I shouldn't be giving advice.

  3. Found you from Sarah! I totally agree with the no baby thing. I need one around- and even though financially it's nearly impossible I dunno...i dunno.

  4. *Virtual Fist Bump*!

    Came over from Sarah's site. I just had to share that my mom had a ruptured appendix when she was 9 months preggo with yours truly. (Ruptured because the hospital thought it was just baby pains and tried to send her home, she passed out in the exit of the hospital. Good thing I guess?) She had it removed and they were amazed that she and I made it through. So WOW to you for having gone thru it as well, it just amazes me!

  5. I'm here from Sarah's site too!

    My daughter is just a few weeks younger than both of your daughters.

    I LOVE your daughter's name!

  6. Ooh, congratulations on the interview and link! Getting famous is awesome. =)

  7. My boys are two weeks shy of being two years exactly apart. For me, they are the perfect age difference. Henry was walking ans talking when Sam was born and I did not have to try to do things like juggle two non-walking children around.

    Though I am not like Sarah in that I did not enjoy being pregnant. I was so happy to be past that part of it... now though, time could slow down...I would not mind a bit!