Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Good Morning Miss Eloise!

Post bath in our bedtime routine, The Frenchman and I found ourselves sitting on her bedroom floor, a diaper clad Eloise running in front of us. She suddenly took in her captive audience and went into Teacher mode. She grabbed a book, reminded us to stay seated, and then asked The Frenchman "What's on this book? Buh Buh Buh..." she encouraged.
"Baby" he replied.

"Yes!, Here's a sticker" and pretended to hand her father a reward sticker. She then turned to me and asked the same question. I in turn received a sticker. If either of us attempted to stand up, she said, "No! Sit DOWN". If we laughed, she said "No Laughing! Stop Laughing". She had to tell us this quite often. We got lots of stickers as she took us through the book, but we also had lots of stickers taken away - for not sitting, for laughing, for not listening. "Hey! You're not listeninging!"

At one point, her father and I both in tears from laughter, trying to pay attention and win stickers, but also in awe of this stern, diapered little dictator we created, Eloise stopped and turned to us, finger pointed and uttered out of pure exasperation at her unruly students: " I am NOT happy! NO Laughing! You. Just. Listeninging!"

Kid runs a tight ship.