Sunday, 29 March 2009


Had a very mother-in-training day. As is par for the course these days my bladder woke me up at 5am and 8am. All in preparation for when the bladder is replaced with screaming bundle of joy.

Decided to cook a nicoise salad for lunch and a vegetable soup for dinner while still in my pajamas drinking half-caf coffee. What made me want to chop leeks in my slippers I have no idea.

It's free museum day in Nottinghamshire sponsored by Nottingham BBC. My first reaction was: What museums? And then remembered the Museum of Nottingham Life at the Brewhouse Yard and dragged the Frenchman down for a little historical culture.

Antique toys and section devoted to having and caring for babies in early 1900's and onwards in Nottinghamshire was awesome. Especially the "vintage" Gameboy. Nothing like having a toy you used to own displayed in a museum to make you feel old.

Getting some practice pushing a pram. Massive. And fabulous suspension I might add.

Some more pics from the museum:

Friday, 27 March 2009

Me and my big mouth

In a meeting at work the other day we were discussing the difficulties of a large project we're finally finishing. Colleagues were mentioning the long hours and strain on their personal life. I then chimed in to say: well I managed to get knocked up during this project so it couldn't have been that stressful.

Shooting from the hip. You can take the girl out of Chicago....
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Monday, 23 March 2009

Apples and Oranges

Since I've become pregnant I've noticed that women who have previously gone through the bloody miracle of childbirth fall into two categories: Insanely Supportive or Praying It Hurts You As Much As It Hurt Them.

The Insanely Supportive group are happier for you than you are for yourself. They shed tears of joy at the news of your pregnancy (when so far the only thing that has made you cry is the fact you now own underwear the size of a small island), offer advice left, right, and center and tell you how amazing it all is, how lucky you are and what an incredible mother you will be. These are the women you want to invite in the delivery room to surround you dressed in cheerleader outfits chanting "Push it out! Push it out! Waaaaay out!". If only this were even remotely socially acceptable.

The P.I.H.Y.A.M.A.I.H.T women have clearly been scarred by their experience of becoming a mother and want to scare the literal living bejeezus out of you with their own horror stories. These are the women that when you mention your back is starting to ache they respond with: Just wait. Wait until they cut your vagina in three different places just to get your 10.5lb baby out of you and then run out of local anesthetic while they sew up the wound that has replaced your girl bits.

I wonder which of these women I will end up being...

Sunday, 22 March 2009

knocked up and over

And so I'm pregnant. Me and the Frenchman have been together for about 6 years and living in England for almost 4 years together. Not too long ago we said, "hey, lets procreate". Despite this when I came out of the Aurora International Hotel at Heathrow holding a positively charged pregnancy test we were both quite shocked. (Clearly we weren't paying attention in sex ed class when they mentioned how sometimes having sex can lead to pregnancy - especially when that is what you are trying to achieve). I think the shock was how fast it all happened. Took the gloves off so to speak around June and did the pee stick test in November.

Currently cruising at 23 weeks, due date 16th of July.