Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Adorable two-headed monster

It's been pretty cold here these past few months. No, not snowmaggedon cold, but cold enough that I haven't used the baby carrier in ages because Eloise would be too exposed to the elements.

And just when I was thinking about how I missed wearing my baby and wanting to give the old Bugaboo a break I received this in the mail from my so-awesome-it-hurts Godmother in Denver (and people from Denver who have 3 kids KNOW about keeping little baby toes warm):

I don't know if it was the novelty of being in the carrier after such a long absence or if she was just having a really good day - but kid was so happy strapped in with me. I plonked a hat on her pretty little head and went into town.

Let me tell you, people get pretty smiley when you have a little cherubic face poking out of your chest. And it was so nice to have my hands free and not have the pushchair in the way that I went into the little jewelry shop and treated myself to a new pair of earrings.


  1. I have to admit, that is pretty cute!

  2. That is the cutest and smiliest 2 headed monster I've ever seen :) Forgive me for being weird, and maybe it's because I haven't met E yet, but every now and then I read your blog and go "wait....Lauren had a BABY???"