Tuesday, 23 February 2010

You're not my mommy your hair is too short.

I dropped Eloise off at her nursery looking like this:

And picked her up looking like this:

Luckily a little hair cut didn't confuse my baby and she burst into a big baby grin when I came to pick her up. Eloise likes to spend a lot of her time pulling my hair. Frankly I was getting a bit tired of it, so I decided to just take the temptation away from her by chopping off my hair. I'm pleased with it, but we'll see what happens when I have to style it myself.


  1. Lauren, you look CUTE! Not everybody can pull off the short hair...

  2. I did the same thing when Katherine was little, but she burst into tears and refused to come near me. Maybe short hair just doesn't suit me? Lucky for you, yours looks GREAT!

  3. Oh - Love it. I always wonder about when I get my hair cut or colored and if my boys will notice. I think that my oldest has only noticed once. Love your interview over at Becoming Sarah-- very cute!