Friday, 2 April 2010

A tiny thought

I often wonder how different Eloise would be if she were raised by another set of parents. Would she still have refused to drink from a bottle? Would she be sleeping through the night already? Maybe she would be crawling by now. Would she laugh more? Or less? Weigh more? Most importantly, would she be happier?


  1. I'm certain she could not be happier!

  2. Our children are given to us for a reason. I am certain she is in the right place ;)

  3. I wonder this same thing ALL THE TIME. Often at night when the house is quiet and I'm alone with my thoughts. It's such an overwhelming responsibility sometimes, this whole person-forming we do with our babies.

    I wonder sometimes just how much I am rubbing off on E and molding her into who she will become later on. I know I'm doing a GOOD job but I wonder if other people would have done a BETTER job with more books and more giggles and less OMG CAN I JUST HAVE ONE MINUTE OF SILENCE BEFORE MY HEAD EXPLODES?!.

    And the crappy part is that there is NO WAY TO TELL. We just trust and move on. I totally feel you on this one.

    And also, I blogged per your demand and have reported on our BLW for you. YOUR WELCOME :)

    You are so much fun and I enjoy your blog immensely. Keep up the good work! (I order it!)