Thursday, 8 April 2010


Eloise and I had a leisurely breakfast. I made us a bowl of Irish porridge and toasted some soda bread and spread with butter. Eloise enjoyed both. I read left-overs from last weekend's paper that I hadn't got to yet and sipped my cup of coffee while she babbled and concentrated on feeding herself pieces of toast. The morning sun just starting to make it's appearance in the dining room promises a warm spring day ahead. As happens with most meals, lots of pieces fall to the floor and in the sides of the highchair. I look up from the paper to see Eloise looking down at her pyjama clad thigh and reach down to salvage a piece of toast she had just dropped into her lap. I smile at my baby's resourcefulness and take a sip of coffee. But it is not piece of toast she retrieves, it is a green bean. A green bean she had for dinner TWO NIGHTS AGO. A two day old green bean that she proceeds to eat for breakfast.

Parenting FAIL.


  1. LOL! I so remember those moments. Heck... we still have them in the car *shudder*

  2. lol, Evie used to run into the kitchen and run back with some mouldy dried up old toast. don't know where they stash it. lol

    Jess x