Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I've got your heart in my sights

9 months and one day. A pretty decent run I guess. I mean any workplace that had employees who lacked object permanence would surely be impressed to go a whole 9 months and a day without an entry in the accident book. So I guess I could feel ok with the fact that I managed to keep you from falling off the bed for just over 9 months of your life. I could feel ok if it weren't for the fact that while you were diving for your freedom off of our bed to the hard wood laminate below I was standing not 4 feet away, hanging up the laundry to dry, serenading you with Elton John and Kiki Dee's 7o's hit Don't go breaking my heart.


  1. That is more than twice as long as I managed to keep Annika from falling from the bed to the floor.

    Pat yourself on the back! :)

  2. Oh ... I remember when my son fell off the changing table... ohhh the guilt just about killed me :) he was fine. I was not...LOL