Friday, 30 April 2010

6 - 9 month outfits.

Here is a rather lengthy collection of photos of Eloise's 6 - 9 month wardrobe. We were spoilt for choice these last three months. It freaks me out to no end that we are now onto 9 - 12 month outfits. 12 months as in a year. A year as in my baby is now wearing clothes she will be wearing when she celebrates her first birthday.

Eloise's local organic cotton shirt with local saying "Ay up m'duck!"

Do you know how hard it is to find girls clothes in blue? When I saw this blue sweater with pompoms I didn't think twice about buying it. I want one in my size.

Pink Pirate Skull and Crossbones t-Shirt.

We call this her pimp coat.

Peekaru hat. Cutest turtle baby I ever saw.

Fancy Oilily sweater that I don't allow her to eat in or do messy play in. That shit's expensive (and adorably quirky).

I rarely put Eloise in proper "baby" clothes (she's more of a jeans and t-shirt gal), but this little antique style baby lamb romper makes my heart swoon.

This denim dress was a killer find at a charity shop for £1. Super cheap, durable and cute. She's also wearing her moccasins from Grandma and Grandpa's trip to New Mexico.

The denim dress again paired with my favorite brown cardi purchased in France.

By far Eloise's poshest outfit - Baby Dior!

Hmmm, this is what happens when Daddy dresses Eloise. Purple trousers? Cute. Orange dress? Cute. Together? Not so much.

A fabulous gift from the states - this cupcake sweater comes with brown fleece pants as well. This is my go to outfit when Eloise is feeling sick. It is so cozy, I imagine it is what I would choose to wear if I wasn't feeling myself.

Have you seen this gorgeous coat?

Calvin Klein pyjamas. On sale at TK Maxx.

Hail Beatles!

Lucky number 13. Oh how exhausting it is to be so well dressed.


  1. The Fabulous Miss Eloise lives up to her name. How long did it take to get the turtle hat on and off? love them all. xxxooo

  2. I have to say that there are clothes that I look back at pictures of my kids in and I ache. I of course have saved my favorite of those clothes for when they have children. Darling Post :)

  3. I LOVE this post!!!! And cannot believe she is living in 9-12 mos clothes; how time does fly. PS: Soooo jealous that Tracy gets to see you in a few days. College memories are just flooding back.....I wonder how our nipples would fair now? I'm thinking you would still win. Love you lots!