Tuesday, 26 January 2010

One set of twin beds away from turning into I Love Lucy

I had an out-of-body experience last night where my inner-child took a good hard look at me and sighed "God, we are OLD". I was sitting up in bed, wearing sexless pajamas and rubbing cream into my chapped hands by the yellow light of my bedside lamp. The Father of my child was sitting up next to me, doing the same to his hands. We discussed our strategy of how to handle the frequent wakings of our sleeping child.

- I'll go in first and rock her to sleep, she'll wake-up when I put her down so I'll do it again. When it doesn't work a second time I'll call you in to nurse her to sleep, ok? But then the next time she wakes up after that, you go in first to nurse right away.

- ok. Hey. Next time I beg you to have a baby can you just buy me a dog instead?


  1. The dog's not much easier.
    This too shall pass. ( and I know not soon enough)
    Hey! Thanks for the visit!