Saturday, 16 January 2010

Baby's First Holiday - in pictures

White Christmas!

Eloise's room at her paternal grandparents. This used to be the Frenchman's room. Hence the Sex Pistols poster. Which I insisted we keep on the wall.

Aunt Claire and Eloise the bear taking in the fresh country air. Those two got on like a house on fire.

I'm thinking of quitting my job and moving here to sell potatoes on the side of the road. Why wait until retirement to live the good life?

The views we woke up to at the farmhouse. You'll come buy my potatoes, right?

We ate inappropriate amounts of meat that we cooked in the chimney with the flambadou.

We travelled further south to the town of my birth, Aubagne.

The Frenchman and Eloise in front of the Pagnol Cinema House.

Nothing like a stroll through the marché for culinary inspiration.

Eloise joins the conversation.

Foot-grabbing baby reads the paper with her Daddy.

Baby-wearing Mama on New Year's Eve. Rock.

Vegetarian Aunt Claire searing our gigot d'agneau with the flambadou.


Baby on a plane!

"Ok. Maybe can we stop with the photos? I'm just trying to fly home like a normal person."

"Don't make me get Brittney on your ass you damn Papawazzi!"

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  1. Rather than buy your potatoes, can I come live with you and work on the farm as well? Those pictures bring me peace.