Friday, 29 January 2010

3-6 month wardrobe

Along with the 6 month milestone comes another swap in wardrobe. Man I love wardrobe upgrades. I get to re-familiarize myself with a new set of her clothes, decide what is lacking, and go shopping for the rest. Do you know how refreshing it is to go shopping for someone and not have to think, "will her butt look big in this?"

Lets look back on last season's collection:

Long-sleeve t-shirt Sainsbury's, Jeans by Tesco, Sweater vest model's mother.

Overalls by Pumpkin Patch (on sale!), T-Shirt Sainsbury's

Top and pants both vintage, socks by Trumpette

Dress and leggings both vintage, t-shirt Sainsbury's

Vintage snow ensemble, shoes by Ethel Austin

Hug-a-Hoodie!!! Sweater by Next

Corduroy trousers by Mothercare, Vintage sweater

Vintage dress and leggings, blouse by Vertbaudet. Model seen here with Sophie the Giraffe

Pram suit in Bear by Mothercare

Long-sleeved T-shirt by BabyGap, jeans by Pumpkin Patch

Frog print romper by Me Too! Socks by Trumpette

Halloween sleepsuit by Tesco

Vintage hand knit sweater, jeans by Pumpkin Patch, Blouse by Vertbaudet

Sleepsuit and apple hat by Next
(sometimes even professional models get cranky)


  1. She is absolutely adorable! I think you both could get a gig as professionals!

  2. Wait you made that sweater vest?

  3. Thanks Elizabeth!

    Suzanne - oh dear lord no. Someone knitted it for me when I was a baby.

  4. One thing for sure: she is a well dressed kid! Did she ever fit into the Beatles onesie I got her? I can't remember the size...

  5. The Beatles onesie is 6 -12 months, It was on the big side last I checked, but it might fit now...I can't wait for her to wear it!