Friday, 8 January 2010

Cinquieme mois aved Mademoiselle Eloise - tres en retard

Dear Eloise -

You turned 5 months old 18 days ago, but as I decided to bring you on a month long trip to France, starting in Paris and ending in Millau, I never got around to writing to you. For the most part you travelled very well. You certainly had no qualms with being passed around by various family members. You probably met over 100 people during our trip and I think you would have had no problem leaving your father and me to go live with any one of them. You smile and laugh and love to be loved.

We met up in Paris with Grandma (or Gran or Granny - she's still figuring out her name) and Aunt Claire who flew in from Chicago and Mozambique respectively. They ADORE you. Not that I blame them. You especially developed a bond with Aunt Claire who has a knack for making you laugh. You got to take your first bath in a sink, see the Pantheon, and take a stroll through the Place de Voges. Paris is where your Father and I met and you will get to know the city well. You're already a regular on the number 38 bus.

Now being away from home, we weren't able to do our monthly photo, so we improvised with your father's old toys on your grandparent's couch. The biggest bear in the line-up is named Galac, and your daddy was so excited to see him it was like he had ran into an old college buddy he hadn't seen in years. Your father is not a very outwardly emotional man, but clearly Galac is a very dear friend.

I bet if you're very good, Daddy will let you and Galac be friends too.

Je t'aime.


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  1. Eloise looks so happy. Ah, so adorable!!! PS: Happy 2010!