Friday, 28 August 2009

Why grandparents rock

because they understand the importance of needing an adult conversation, one that doesn't revolve around the color of poop.

because just when you begin doubting your ability to take care of your child, they say, "You know I think you're right Lauren, I think she still is hungry".

Because they are proof that it is possible so survive this. To survive holding someone you love in your arms as they cry while you struggle to find a way to make their pain go away.

I didn't think the grandparents would like their pictures up on the world wide web, so I figured, hey! Why not another picture of the little beast. You can never have too much of those.


  1. Is that the beginnings of a little grin I spy on her face there? Too cute!

  2. P.S. She looks so like you, I can't get over it! It's a mini Lauren!

  3. This is a very sassy face she's making. I wonder where she got that...