Friday, 14 August 2009

Hi Eloise. Do you like me? Yes or No...

She slept next to me in our bed. Her hand accidentally grazed my arm in her sleep. My heart leaped into my throat like a school girl with a crush. A big giant crush on my 3 week old daughter. And then my boobs wet themselves.*

*My mom gave me the "boobs wet themselves" line. Actually I think her exact words were "oh great, my boobs just peed their pants". She's going to be such a fun grandmother.


  1. *sigh* I remember those days.

  2. That picture is just beautiful. PS: I cannot comment on boobs peeing b/c well, mine don't. Probably b/c I do not yet have children. But boy, does that sound like a neat little party trick....

  3. When I would start crying out of joy because I was so glad to have my son, my boobs took that as their cue to let down. It was weird and awfully uncomfortable.

  4. LOL...ok, I've stalked you through AZMommy's blog and I have to speak up about this post:

    HILARIOUS! Oh my gosh, since childbirth I can't hold it like I used to and, honestly, when I read that phrase, I think I actually wet myself. Too funny!!

    Funny blog. Adorable daughter. Keep up the good work.