Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Just you and me babe

Our first day alone. The last of the grandparents had left, the Frenchman went to work, no expected visitors until later that evening.

We finally made it out of the house for a quick walk in the afternoon. I took her through the university campus while a light blanket of drizzle cooled my face. I went back and forth between two emotions. I either kept waiting for someone to take her from me, kindly laugh and tell me - Ok kid. Play time is over. Hand the baby over to an adult now. Or I wanted to shout to everyone who crossed our path - Do you see this incredible little being snuggled in her pushchair? Do you? Because I MADE HER. She came out of my body. And now she is here. In front of me. SMILING.

I am occasionally struck with the idea that no matter what else I accomplish in my life, be it an amazing career, a beautiful house, fabulous world travels, world peace, I will have accomplished her. And nothing else will compare.

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  1. Put so beautifully!
    I still have a hard time believe I'm a mommy, and I've been one for 3 years!