Wednesday, 8 July 2009

I'm hot then I'm cold

Me: Did you read my blog?

Him: Yes.

Me. Really? You read my blog...

Him: Yes.

Me: What did it say then.

Him: You wrote about me having a 70's porno moustache.

Me: And....

Him: And about our first kiss.

Me: And you don't have anything to say about it?

Him: It was really sweet. Thanks (Tries to go in for a kiss)

Me:(Turns lips away from his) That's it? That was the most romantic thing I ever wrote.

Him: Yeah. And it was really nice.

Me: (Pouting) I'm taking it down.

Him: What? No! Why?

Me: Because I don't feel that way anymore.

HIm: (Laughing)

Oh to be in a relationship with a fickle Gemini.


  1. Either a fickle Gemini or a VERY pregnant woman :0)

  2. Ha! This conversation could easily have happened at my house. Men! Sweet, infuriating men...

  3. Thinking of you in your final weeks!!!!