Thursday, 11 March 2010

Sleep deprived mommy moment of the day....

After putting Eloise to bed I went downstairs and helped The Frenchman clean up the kitchen from the wake of Eloise's foray into finger food. After wiping down her high chair and throwing away half gummed chunks of lamb and fruit I went to wrap up half of the papaya that I had cut up for her earlier.

I pulled a sheet of cling film, carefully wrapped the papaya in it, making sure that no air could get through to keep it fresh. And then? And then I dropped the fruit in the garbage can.

Obviously my plan was to put it in the fridge - though wrapping every piece of trash in cling film before you throw it away would certainly make the garbage smell less.

Yeah - no doubt about it - 7+ months of interrupted sleep is taking its toll.


  1. HA HA HA! This is something that I would TOTALLY do! Wow! That's great!

  2. Next you will find your keys in the fridge. I have so been there. Like yesterday.