Friday, 27 November 2009


It was around this time last year on our way to a good friend's wedding in Chicago that we discovered I was pregnant. On our way down to London the night before our flight from Heathrow I had decided to grab a pregnancy test because I had a suspicion that I might be pregnant. In the past few years I'd had plenty of suspicions that I was pregnant and none of them came out to be true (overly dramatic? Moi?) so in the back of my mind I wasn't thinking this would be any different.

But there it was: Pregnant in plain blue letters on the test. I remember by heart racing and I started to shake as I came out of the bathroom and told the Frenchman - Je suis enceinte. His face was priceless - cartoon bug eyes come to mind. It's funny that we were both so shocked since this was after all the result we were after.

We boarded the flight giddy and bewildered, trying to make sense of it all. I watched Wall-E and cried. When we got to Chicago we had the taxi stop a few blocks away from my parent's place. We went into a Walgreen's to buy another test. After hugs and hellos I took the second test. Yup. Still knocked up.

We couldn't pass up the opportunity to tell my mother and her husband in person - living in a country without any relatives it was pure luck that we were in a position to let family know we were having a baby face to face.

My mom had prepared a mini-Thanksgiving meal for us a week early. I asked if we could all go round the table and say what we're thankful for.

Heart racing once again. I'm thankful that the Frenchman and I are going to make you grandparents.


  1. Hi, I do not want to be a blog "stalker" so I will reveal myself :) My name is Angie and I am one of Nicole Benoit's good friends, very good friends! She sent me this blog link. You and I are an ocean apart but have much in common! I had a baby girl on April 27th. So I am living the same life as you :) I really like your blog and can relate to everything. So I hope you don't mind if I read it. We new moms need to stick together! :) PS- Eloise is a cute! And I love the name. Our little one is Avery. She is taking a little cat nap right now before dinner and I am loving every second of it hahaha.

  2. Thanks Angie - Nicole mentioned he had passed my blog on to some of her pregnant/mom friends - glad you can relate - means I must not be doing too bad! Avery is such a lovely name as well.

    And of COURSE I don't mind if you read it!