Thursday, 26 November 2009


In a couple of weeks Eloise and I will be traveling on our own to Paris to begin our Christmas holiday. After Paris where we'll join Eloise's grandma and her aunt, we will be driving down to Eloise's paternal grandparents where the rest of the family will meet up for baby's first Christmas. There will be A LOT of people. More aunts and uncles. Many many great aunts and uncles. Great-grandparents. Second cousins.

As this trip gets closer I am having more and more anxiety dreams. Dreams where Eloise is handed from relative to relative until I lose track of her. I run around frantically trying to locate my baby, asking everyone I see if they have seen her but no one seems to care about her whereabouts. Or I'll have a dream where I turn my back on Eloise and in that second a relative is shoving a chunk of paté in her open little mouth before I can shout non!.

I stopped by the office today with Eloise and passed her around to a few people. I didn't particularly like the experience.

I always thought I had the whole sharing thing down. When it comes to my daughter? Not so much.

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