Thursday, 5 November 2009

Frankly Mama I don't give a damn.

Turns out this trip to Paris did not just scar me emotionally. This trip also broke my baby. When I left for Paris I had a kid who could go 4 or 5 hours between feeds in the day and who always managed a minimum 6 hour sleep before waking for her night feed. She can now barely manage 4 hours at night without needing to refill the tank and during the day she is eating non-stop.

After she spent 2 hours gnawing on my breast the other day, her father and I joked that she's turned into Scarlet O'Hara. We could just picture her with a fistful of boob - As God is my witness I will NEVAH GO HUNGRY AGAIN!

Since she went so long without eating, I perfectly understand her needing to eat non-stop to make up for lost time. At this point though I think she's recovered milk wise and is merely eating so much just to be sure boob is still on the menu and that previous rupture in boob stock was an anomaly.

Either way, she's making me pay for abandoning her last weekend. And I don't blame her. But I don't think I've broken her permanently - this face seems happy enough:

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