Friday, 23 October 2009

To all the outfits I've loved before...

This past week we have been slowly replacing the 0-3 month clothes for the 3-6 month clothes. Not only are her clothes less expensive than mine (and lets face it, cuter), but I get to change her wardrobe every 3 months!?! Babies are a fashionista's dream.

Here are some of her past ensembles.

Petit Bateau top and vintage overalls (Nearly New Sale with the NCT).

Same vintage overalls as above paired with matching white shirt and vintage winter hat (model's mother's)

Handmade red romper from Bolivia, Trumpette socks from Denver, vintage grey tights model's mother's.

Green romper with pink flamingo detailing.

Same green romper as above paired with green leggings from Huggalug.

Handmade Bolivian sleeveless romper paired with white long-sleeve Sainsbury's t-shirt and Trumpette socks.

Beige peter pan collar shirt from Vertbaudet paired with brown and pink polka dot pants.

Sainsbury's jeans with pink floral detailing paired with vintage striped hoodie (charity shop).

Autumn dress from Catimini.

T-shirt from NYC paired with vintage red winter themed sweater (model's mother's).

Terry cloth pyjamas with white and pink hat and mittens (all Sainsbury's).

There's a lot of outfits I never took pictures of, I'll need to be sure to take more for the next batch. Most of these were gifts or hand-me downs. I'll be treating her to some new clothes this weekend (after my haircut - yay mama time!).


  1. u r to funny!!
    Biz Kaisa.

  2. I remember when my first little girl was born I intentionally took pictures of her in every single outfit she had. I thought I would have stopped this by the time my second child rolled around, but I'm still doing it...with both of them. Dressing kids is just too much fun!

    Can't wait to see the new clothes! She's adorable!

  3. She has the cutest face in each photo!