Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Stop looking at me, pillow.

Whenever I take a shower I put Eloise in her bouncy chair in the bathroom with me (scarring her for life no doubt). She usually gives me about 20 minutes or so before she gets fed up with my hygiene routine and wants the attention back on her. Often during these 20 minutes she engages a small pillow hanging on the handle of our bathroom door in conversation. The pillow was a gift from my mom and says "I'd rather be in Paris" and has a picture of the Eiffel tower on it. She'll crane her head to look at it, babble away and smile. Today however she and the pillow were clearly in a fight. I don't know what the pillow did or said to upset Eloise so much, but she was staring at it and screaming. So I jumped out of the shower and closed the door so the pillow was outside of the room. The crying stopped immediately and she turned her attention to the little dangling woodland creatures hanging from her bouncy chair. They are still on speaking terms at least.

I have to warn future pre-school friends of my daughter. If an inanimate object can so quickly fall out of miss Eloise's good graces from one day to the next, then I fear any friendship with her will be quite the bumpy ride.


  1. This is hilarious! It reminds me: I worked in a day care years ago and there was this 3 year old named Raj who would basically have a nervous breakdown every time the song "Baby Beluga" came on. He would literally weep. We tried skipping the song, but that made the rest of the kids cry, so the "solution" was to just hold him and hug him while he covered his ears and sobbed until the song was over. As soon as the singer hit the last note, Raj was fine and went about his business. Kids are awesome.

  2. I found your blog through Reem's blog! You write really well and your daughter is adorable :)