Wednesday, 14 July 2010

In Amerika

Apologies for the delay on the photos, but a baby who thinks it's amusing to wake up every 20 minutes crying for her parents has left me with little time or sanity.

Our trip to Chicago in photos:

In Amerika we will have land and chocolate.

A love of flying is born.

Eloise meets her Godmother, Aunt Ding-a-Ling and sadly doesn't look too happy about it.

They fought over which one got to be the Ketchup for ages before they let me take this photo.

The Bean.

Eloise and the Frenchman take a dip in the fountain.

Eloise and Grandpa Gary sun on the deck.

Eloise and Aunt Claire rockin' the do-rag.

Boat tour (aka the photo that makes me question why I left).

Cubs game.

Story time with Grandpa.

Eloise meets her new friend Rory and embarrassingly they wore the same outfit.

Eloise at the zoo.

4th of July Parade.

We flew all the way over here for that?

Eloise meets (and approves of) potential suitor, Avery.

Goodbye Chicago. Thank you for a wonderful visit!


  1. Great pictures! I love the one out the airplane window!

  2. It seems that you had a wonderful vacation with your family.:-) Your daughter surely enjoyed it too. I particularly like the picture of her and her friend having the same outfit.:-)Cute!!!

  3. Great photos! Looks like you had a great trip!

    I would LOVE some tips for our trip to Paris. Hubby and I have both been to Paris before, but not together, so we've done the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, etc. This time we're there for 2 days and we're staying at a B&B in Montmartre. Any recommendations you could give us would be great! My email is katechandler81 at yahoo dot ca


  4. You're welcome back in the States anytime, Love. :-) We shall tempt you with things like mac & cheese, chocolate, and skyscrapers.