Thursday, 8 July 2010


No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, I just fell off the face of England and into the strong, warm hands of Chicago. Were we crazy? brave? for embarking on a long haul flight with an 11-month old? Turns out we were just insanely lucky (this kid is good on planes). And also incredibly stupid to think that combining sight-seeing and visiting family and friends with a baby who at almost a year STILL DOES NOT SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT would be anything but exhausting.

Going back to Chicago is always bitter-sweet because I am reminded of everything and everyone I am giving up by living abroad. This time was especially hard because a) I was given a glimpse at what life would be like having Eloise's grandparents near by and ohdearlord it is such a lighter load and b) Chicago in the summer is a difficult place to leave. A stark contrast to Chicago in the winter (when we most often visit) which is quite frankly a difficult place to live. Summer Chicago is sizzling, easy, hotdogs, sundaes, rooftop cocktails and sandy toes.

Eloise charmed everyone with her myriad of faces, her little scowl, a tilted head, a raised eyebrow. From airport security guards to friend's parents who knew me when. The Frenchman and I have of course been smitten with Eloise since the day she came into this world, but it is always touching to see her cast her spell on others in her path. There is nothing that warms the heart more than to see how much love there is in the world for your child.

The family on the Chicago shores of Lake Michigan

More photos to come...


  1. Oh I love Chicago! It is very exhausting to travel with children.... glad that you had a good time!

  2. Welcome back!

    We're taking Annika on an 8-hour flight to Paris in a few shorts week and I'm getting really nervous! Any tips for me? The flight out there is overnight, so I'm hoping we'll all sleep. Am I kidding myself here? But the flight back from London is midday. What the heck am I supposed to do with an 11-month old WHO IS WALKING for 8 hours on a plane?!?!