Saturday, 12 December 2009

Just a couple of changes then...

My life a little over a year ago:

Favorite Cooking show: Saturday Kitchen, hungover in my pyjamas eating yesterday's pizza.
Hobbies: I'm going to be honest here: drinking. I was once at a business course were we all had to introduce ourselves and give our hobby - I lied and said photography.
Clothing: Lots of black with bright accessories.
Perfume: Anything by Dior
Bed-time: anything after midnight
Social life: The pub.
Newspaper: CNN and BBC online. The Guardian a couple times a week.

My life now:

Favorite Cooking show: Cbeebies I Can Cook
Hobbies: Dressing up my daughter and taking pictures of her. Nibbling on her ear and making her laugh. Learning new songs to sing to her. Buying her stuff.
Clothing: Anything that has easy access to my boobs so Eloise can eat wherever whenever. If it hides milk vomit stains that's a bonus.
Perfume: Milk
Bedtime: I'm impressed when I make it past 9:30 these days
Social Life: Day-time groups with other mothers and their babies.
Newspaper: The Saturday Guardian which takes me all week to finish. Some weeks I only read the Family section.

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  1. salut lauren
    nous aussi on est a millau en ce moment, appelez nous quand stephane arrive