Monday, 28 September 2009

Eloise learns the blues

Eloise and her mother have a bad case of the Mondays:

I let Mama take a shower, but then I decided she was taking too long so I cried because I missed her. And then when she picked me up after getting dressed in her pretty black dress that she was going to wear to our play group that afternoon I got really sick all down her back and onto the floor of my nursery. So Mama had to change me again, which I wasn't too happy about so I cried the whole time. Then she had to put me in her crib to change herself and I cried some more.

Then we went downstairs to watch t.v. and eat (Mama watched Gilmore Girls, I ate boob). But not even eating calmed me down and I cried and spit up and cried some more. Though sometimes I smiled at Mama just to remind her that I'm pretty and I love her. Soon it was time to go out to our play group, so Mama put me down in the pushchair which I did not like and let her know in no uncertain terms while she rushed around in the house getting us ready to go, popping her head into the room and making funny noises to try to calm me down, which I could barely hear over my wailing. Then when we were all ready, Mama picked me up to give me a quick cuddle before leaving the house but I was so worked up from all the crying I did a big poop. So Mama took me upstairs to change me and when she was done I threw up on her again. All over her shoulder and back. So Mama had to change outfits again. Then we went downstairs for our second attempt to leave the house, and just as she was turning off the computer with me in her arms, I got sick yet again. On Mama's third outfit. Then I cried. And Mama cried. And so we decided it was better if we didn't go to play group. Instead Mama put me in the sling and we went for a walk just the two of us and it was so nice I fell fast asleep and didn't wake up till Daddy came home.

Mama says sometimes there are days like these. And that even when I throw up in her hair and poop on her hand, she still loves me. A whole lot.

Then we got to tell Daddy all about the day we had and show him our upset faces. And Daddy said we're beautiful even when we cry.


  1. Oh, you are both so beautiful. Sorry it was a tough day. Good thing you have each other to cry with and then smile with, and of course the loving daddy. Hopefully tomorrow will be more filled with smiles.

  2. I know this was a tough day for you, and only a childless friend could laugh at this, but I am...laughing. Back-to-back-to-back throw-ups are hysterical to me. I'm sure I'll feel different one of these days, until then, Eloise, keep entertaining me! I love both of you!

  3. That was brilliantly executed by both Eloise and you. Sounds like she's keeping you on your toes!

  4. Sorry, yeah, from "I ate boob" on...I was laughing pretty hard. Sorry, it sounds really tough but when told as a story it's kind of hilarious.