Sunday, 24 May 2009

Birth plan

I am using HiPP Organic's downloadable Birth Plan form as a guide on how to create my birth plan that the midwife would like to see at our next meeting.

Some of my answers:
Q.Would you like your birthing partner to be with you throughout labour?
A. Yes (if he behaves)

Q.Would you like your partner to cut the umbilical cord?
A. Yes (if he hasn't passed out)

I know it doesn't come off as very maternal of me, but I chose to have my baby cleaned up before they place the kid on my deflated stomach. I figure that since I bought a nice pair of pajamas to change into, along with black silk dressing gown, the least the baby can do is get its face wiped off.

I'm still unsure about whether to get the injection after birth to help the uterus contract in order to expunge the placenta without risk of over bleeding or to just let nature takes it course. Any suggestions from mothers out there?


  1. It's been awhile (almost 29 years!) but I don't think you'll be wearing the nice jams immediately following delivery--so they can put baby on you pretty quickly--after she screams and they clean it up some I think---then baby gets more cleaned up, you have to expunge the placenta (I don't know about the shot, but I remember it as somewhat panful and boring) anyhoo after that you can get cleaned up and put on your nice jams with clean baby along side.

  2. Yes - the chic pyjamas are for after the shower with baby all cleaned up too. Now I just need to make sure the baby's outfit doesn't clash with mine and I'm all set!