Saturday, 6 November 2010

Confessions of a Mother of a Bum-Shuffler

If she's not bum shuffling from room to room she is crawling.

If she's not crawling she is holding her hands out so we can "walk" her.

Adorable tights with frills on the bottom are now encrusted with garden dirt and playground sand.

A naively purchased pair of white trousers hangs unworn in her wardrobe.

As soon as I get into an interesting conversation with another mother at playgroup (and by interesting I mean anything not about baby poo), Eloise bum-shuffles over to me hands up in the air demanding me to walk her.

When I see other babies her age running around I know that I have it easy. The mothers look tired, and rightfully so, seeing as they now have to look after a child that walks like a drunk elf and has the same concept of danger as one.

But I envy them too. I want to see where Eloise will go. I want to chase after her at the park. I think I am finally ready to see her walk away from me.


  1. I am soooooo with you here. I know we are close to having a walker and sometimes it kills me. I feel like our life can't begin until she walks because we can go so many more places and have so much more fun. But then I see a wobbly toddler take off from a weary mom in the grocery store parking lot and I shudder at the extra work. Good thing these babies are cute or they would get sent back to the manufacturer!

  2. Oh it will come all to soon! My boys did not walk until 15 months, and though at the time I was wishing for it to happen-- I now realize that they were not going to CRAWL to college and they WERE going to do it eventually and I should have cherished the time I had when I had it! She will walk....