Sunday, 30 May 2010

She'll be here all night ladies and gentlemen

Occasionally the Frenchman and I worry about Eloise's development - as I'm sure all parents do. She's not able to get into a sitting position on her own, she mews like a kitten with a sprained ankle when in crawling position instead of actually going anywhere, and she needs to be bribed to attempt cruising.

This picture has nothing to do with this post. But oh the cuteness!

But then she'll surprise us. Like the other day she did the sign for milk and home. In context. Like "Hi Mama. Whip that boob out cause I need to get my milk on" context. Or today. She was eating dinner while skyping with her French grandparents. She was drinking out of her sippy cup when the force of her sucking combined with her removing her mouth from the spout caused the cup to squirt her in the eye. We all laughed. Then she laughed. Then she worked out how to make the cup squirt her again so we would all continue laughing at her.


  1. What a cute photo! I just want to eat her little cheeks!

  2. Smart girl! And funny. Sounds like a young Tina Fey.

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